Our dollar store obsession continues: we’ve found a grocery store where everything is $3. And it’s all organic, so that’s even better.

The only catch: the store is online.

It’s called Brandless, and they sell packaged food and other household basics. Everything is shipped in two days, which, depending on what you think of online shopping, could be a plus or a minus.

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On one hand, the idea of waiting two days for groceries can be a foreign concept, but on the other hand, they bring everything to your door, which sounds pretty great.

Everything in the shop is $3 or 2 for $3. Sounds like a great deal for organic products, but it never hurts to do a little comparison shopping. Some things are definitely a score, while other things might be a little more expensive than your local store. And then there’s the question of taste.

Watch to see what YouTuber This Crazy Life thought of her first shipment.

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