She tricks her boyfriend into eating tofu with this “I can’t believe it’s not chicken” recipe YouTube screenshot

Want to get a little more vegetarian in your life, but don’t want to take the full leap? Or are you a vegetarian who wants some semblance of meat back? This is the recipe for you.

She shares the secret to making tofu taste just like chicken. Sure, the flavor is important, but a big part of making it convincing is creating the full experience of eating chicken.

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There’s a big difference in the texture of tofu and chicken, not to mention the way it looks — tofu is sold in a big block. She shows us exactly how to break up the tofu and brown it so it looks more like meat. This switch will trick your brain a little, which helps more than you would think.

Of course, you need to use a lot of seasoning because without it, tofu can be very bland. She recommends salt, pepper, and garlic powder as a base for any recipe, and then adds more flavors specific to the dish.

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