This may be a stoner’s wildest dream come true.

Later this month, Taco Bell will introduce “Walking Nachos,” a pseudo-Mexican concoction that can be enjoyed on the go.

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According to Brand Eating, the new nachos feature seasoned bite-size chips that “offer the same crunch and texture as Taco Bell’s normal tortilla chips.” The smaller size makes the nachos easier to eat with a fork or spoon.

Many of our favorite nacho toppings are also there:

“Other than the new chips, Taco Bell’s Walking (Nachos) include seasoned beef, nacho cheese, shredded 3-cheese blend, sour cream, pico de gallo, and guacamole. Notably missing are beans.”

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Brand Eating ultimately likened Walking Nachos to “a more portable, on-the-go version” of the chain’s popular Nachos Bell Grande.

Taco Bell will begin testing Walking Nachos at restaurants in Charlotte, N.C., in mid-August.

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Taco Bell will soon debut nachos in a bag because why not Brand Eating
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