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Walk in, approach the kiosk, place your order via a large touch screen, then sit down and wait for the food to be brought to your table.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future of McDonald’s.

Franchisee Chris Habiger brought these upgrades and more to one of his restaurants in St. Joseph, Mo., which opened to the public Thursday.

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The 6,500-square-foot “McDonald’s of the future” includes table service, a dessert bar, tabletop video games for the kids, and fancier menu items like maple bacon, pico guacamole and grilled tomatoes.

Best of all, for the first few months of its operation, the restaurant will offer unlimited fries.

“Unlimited fries are just the beginning of what’s different,” Habiger said. “We’re making a shift from fast food to fast-casual.”

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We just hope some of these big changes make their way to every McDonald’s location soon!

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