Who says a protein shake can’t be more like a milkshake?

Just because protein shakes are supposed to be healthy, doesn’t mean they have to be less exciting. People are dressing up milkshakes to the max these days, so why not do that with your protein shake?

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These add-ins will easily take your protein shake to the next level.

Cookies and cream

Honey and Figs Kitchen

Who doesn’t love cookies and cream? Why not add a little Oreo flavor to your vanilla (or chocolate) shake for a morning treat? This recipe from Honey and Figs Kitchen shows us exactly how to make it.

Apple pie

Running with Spoons

Apple and cinnamon are both healthy additions to your protein  shake. Why not tie all the flavors together for an apple pie-flavored breakfast? This recipe from Running with Spoons gets its protein from almond butter and Greek yogurt, and tastes just like apple pie.

Orange dream

The Seasoned Mom

Orange and vanilla is a dreamy combination in any form, and a protein drink is no exception. OJ and vanilla protein powder, plus orange zest and vanilla extract, pack in the flavor and nutrition too. Try this recipe from The Seasoned Mom.


12 Minute Athlete

Peanut butter is a typical add-in to a shake because it contains flavor and a little extra protein. It’s easy to add the jelly flavor by throwing in some frozen strawberries. That way, you don’t add a bunch of extra sugar with actual jelly, though you could always try that too. Check out this recipe from 12 Minute Athlete for a healthy take on the classic kid snack.

Chocolate peanut butter

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Similar to the PB&J shake, the classic combo of chocolate and peanut butter makes for a delicious morning meal. Cocoa powder gives the shake its chocolate flavor so it’s not too indulgent, despite tasting like a milkshake. Find the full recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction.

The Seasoned Mom The Seasoned Mom
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