These new McDonald’s fries are curly, but that isn’t even the craziest thing about them McDonald's Singapore / Brand Eating
(McDonald's Singapore / Brand Eating)

We typically have a hard time sharing our McDonald’s fries, but we may be more willing to part with this type of spud.

McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore have begun adding menu items that embody some of the country’s flavors. And these curly crab-flavored — yes, crab-flavored — fries are among the new delicacies.

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Brand Eating reports the fries, which more closely resemble the ones from Arby’s than McDonald’s, come with packets of crab-flavored salt and pepper seasoning. Customers sprinkle the mix onto the fries, then shake them in a bag.

Would you try it?

Other offerings on the McDonald’s Singapore menu include a chicken burger with a salted egg yolk-flavored sauce, a fried banana pie, a Gula Melaka McFlurry topped with layer cake bites (Gula Melaka is the sugar from a coconut tree), and spicy McNuggets. We just hope that last one makes its way stateside soon!

(McDonald's Singapore / Brand Eating)
(McDonald’s Singapore / Brand Eating)

So far, one staple of the Asian McDonald’s menus is available in parts of the U.S. The McFloat, a blend of soft serve and Dr. Pepper, can be purchased in certain New York and Seattle restaurants.

(H/T: Brand Eating)

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