Every celebration deserves a beautiful cake.

You could spend a lot of money on a bakery creation, or you could make dessert yourself. But do your layer cakes ever come out lopsided?

Never fear — these tips will have you frosting a cake like a pro in no time.

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Chef Thomas Joseph with Martha Stewart’s Kitchen Conundrums recommends all bakers keep two cake-specific items in their homes:

  1. A rotating cake stand
  2. A long serrated knife

Joseph likes to freeze his cake layers ahead of time, as it makes them firm and easier to slice. Here’s the correct way to freeze cake.

Using your serrated knife, trim off the domed portions of the layers to make them even. Then, cut each layer in half. (You can use toothpicks to mark the halfway points on each layer, as Joseph demonstrates.)

Then, take your frosting (try our favorite chocolate buttercream!), pile some into the center of a layer, and spread it out toward the edges.

Joseph also shows us how to “crumb coat” a cake, which is the best way to spread frosting down its sides.

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