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The classic Mexican street food just got a very colorful facelift. Elote, a popular street food cooked over an open flame, is one of the best ways to enjoy hot corn on the cob. Slathered with mayonnaise (what is it with so much mayonnaise nowadays?), chili powder, cilantro, lime, and Cotija cheese, Elote is the absolute best reason to have corn kernels stuck in your teeth. It’s not a first date kind of food, that’s for sure.

Unicorn elote first came to light about a year ago after the Unicorn Frap took the stronghold of social media. E-Lokos, a restaurant in Hidalgo, Mexico, posted this photo on their Facebook page with the translation:

In E-lokos we keep creating crazy things! Now for you and only for a limited time the e-Unicorn! Don’t stay without yours and run to visit us, until stocks last! E-Lokos, fantastically delicious

The cooked corn was doused in colorful melted cheese and sprinkles but the catch was that the item was only available for a week.

Fast forward a little bit, and a hop into Texas, former Instagram model Lorissa Marie has opened up a snack shack in Converse, TX, selling, you guessed it, unicorn elote. The fresh boiled corn gets a quick dose of butter and mayonnaise then is finished off with a healthy sprinkling of purple and blue colored cotija cheese and a squirt of purple colored crema.

You better head over to Lo’s Street Treats as soon as humanly possible (or possibly hitch a ride with a flying horse), the unicorn elote sold out on their first day.

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