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Let’s face it — fries are the best part of any fast food meal. (Even if we order salad, we balance it with a small side of fries. Don’t judge.)

But some restaurant chains are more generous than others when it comes to the number of fries per order.

Delish recently ordered medium fries from numerous restaurants (tough job, right?) to determine how many spuds, on average, were in each one. The numbers range from 20 all the way to 98! (Yes, the latter is our new favorite chain.)

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The winner should come as no surprise to anyone who’s eaten there. Five Guys Burgers and Fries is the aforementioned “most generous” burger chain. Each medium order contains nearly 100 fries, probably because the cooks toss an extra cupful of salty, greasy deliciousness into each bag.

It seems to us that the larger the fries themselves, the fewer you receive per order. Maybe that’s why America’s favorite fast food chain, Chick-fil-A, offers the fewest fries per medium, with an average of only 20. It must have something to do with that tantalizing waffle shape.

The curly fries at Arby’s don’t fare much better — on average, each medium order contains 36 of them.

But Steak ‘n Shake may be stingiest of all. About 36 of those ultra-skinny shoestrings arrive with a medium order.

When it comes to the big chains, not all fry orders are created equal:

  • Burger King: 36
  • Popeye’s: 51
  • Wendy’s: 56
  • McDonald’s: 76

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