Yes, "Whata-Sweaters" Are Actually A Thing, And We Want All Of Them! Whataburger

Whataburger, the holy grail of all holy grails in Texas. I mean, just think about it! Name one Texan who doesn’t like Whataburger….you can’t, it’s impossible. That’s just to show you how good it is! It’s kind of like an unsaid rule every Texan follows. Are you celebrating a big win? Go to Whataburger. Need to go eat after a night out at 2 a.m.? Go to Whataburger? Shelly just had her newborn baby and is hungry after all those hours? Go to Whataburger.

Okay, okay, maybe not the last one, BUT, I made my point. So, what is better than Whataburger you say? Well, apparently people love Whataburger so much, that they want to wear it! Yes, the company has now created Whataburger Christmas sweaters! Talk about a fashion line, huh? The holiday sweater is, as expected, bright orange, unisex, and is perfect for any holiday occasion, including eating at Whataburger.

Just when you thought they couldn’t come up with something else, here they go making us warm and fuzzy on the outside as well. You better tell your co-workers that you are going to win this year Christmas party sweater contest because this is the winner! Add some of those battery lights to it, and you’re all set!

The sweater is selling for $42.99 and is custom-made coming in all adult sizes from small to 3XL. And in case you were worried, the material is 100 percent acrylic and machine washable. The sweater includes its Whataburger logo, Christmas trees, snowflakes, french fries, and “24 hours.” written on it.

You can purchase the “Whata-sweater” online, on their merch section. And in case you want to buy other stocking stuffers for friends, they also sell various items such as t-shirts, ornaments, Whataburger socks, Whataburger bibs, mugs, key chains, towels, gift cards…I can go on and on and on!

Yes, "Whata-Sweaters" Are Actually A Thing, And We Want All Of Them!

Honestly, Whataburger surprises me quite a bit. From decorating college dorms to Whataburger style weddings and parties, to just basically existing, this place is like heaven. Next thing you know they’ll be creating their own custom sneakers. So, what are you waiting for? These sweaters are running out quick…so, chop, chop! Time to celebrate the holidays with some true Texas fashion!

Hey, Whataburger….if you’d like to send some sweet sweater swag our way, I wouldn’t complain. Or maybe just a milkshake? No? Cool.

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