Obviously, this is a matter of opinion, so take it or leave it.

Business Insider’s Hollis Johnson recently sampled chicken sandwiches from most of the major fast-food joints. As far as he’s concerned, there’s a clear winner. And it’s not from America’s favorite fast-food restaurant, Chick-fil-A.

The nation’s tastiest chicken sandwich comes from the original fried chicken chain. How fitting.

Johnson says KFC’s Doublicious is the best fast-food chicken sandwich out there. It includes a “crispy breast of KFC’s finest chicken, resplendent with the mysterious herbs and spices, swathed in bacon, Monterrey Jack cheese, and some sweet, tangy sauce — all lovingly embraced by a fluffy and lightly sweet Hawaiian bun.”

He praises the sandwich’s crispiness and the “smooth, creamy flavor” of its sauce, which doesn’t overwhelm the tastes of the chicken and bacon. Best of all, “there’s little ‘gross factor’ with this sandwich, which can’t be said for most of the competition, or even of KFC’s own sides.”

And while Johnson appreciates the deliciousness that is Chick-fil-A’s Original Chicken Sandwich, he says KFC wins by managing “to sidestep the looming, greasy shadow of (its) previous sandwich of note.” (That would be the Double Down, which used fried chicken in place on buns for both burgers and hot dogs.)

So we want to know — do you agree with Johnson, or are you partial to a different chicken sandwich? And are you dying to try KFC’s new fried chicken-scented sunscreen?

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Which chain offers the tastiest fast-food chicken sandwich in America? Flickr / Alvie May
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