Well, would you? The pizza chain seems to think you would.

Domino’s now offers three salad options — Chicken Apple Pecan, Chicken Caesar and Classic Garden — at locations nationwide.

According to Reuters, Domino’s launched the salad option to “broaden the appeal of its menu amid intense competition” from grocery stores and other restaurants.

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When paired with items from the chain’s mix-and-match menu, the salads will cost $5.99 each. They will be $6.99 when purchased alone.

Domino’s is the latest restaurant to offer a better-for-you option for customers. Other chains, notably McDonald’s, have taken major strides to appeal to health-conscious diners.

So, are you ready to dig into a Domino’s salad, or will you stick to its classic pizza, pasta and sandwiches?

(H/T: Brand Eating)

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Would you order a salad from Domino’s? Associated Press
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