Generation Gap: Why we’re so bad with commitments

There’s one thing many millennials do that we think is unacceptable — and that’s being flaky.

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Here’s a vocabulary lesson for those of us who may not know what a “flake” is:

flake /ˈflākē/


  1. An unreliable person who will cancel or change plans on you at the last minute

Flakiness, in our opinion, is rude and unacceptable. People of our generation are used to being connected to one another at all times. For a lot of people, that translates to changing plans on friends and family at the absolute last minute.

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Millennials also suffer from what’s called FOMO, or fear of missing out. We live during a time where our friends post and share photos of all the exciting (and not so exciting) things they’re doing at any given moment of the day. Therefore, millennials are always looking for something better, cooler or more fun to do, and sometimes it’s just not hanging out with you. So rather than honor that lunch commitment, a lot of millennials will change plans at the very last second if they come across a better offer — so rude!

Our parents and grandparents grew up at a time where honoring commitments was a really big deal. Communication took a lot more choreography than it does now, so if you made plans with someone, you’d often have to stick to that plan or risk standing them up.

Do the millennials in your life a favor and make sure they know that you expect them to honor commitments. Flakiness (and FOMO for that matter) is an epidemic we would like to see eradicated in our lifetime.

Kids these days! Lazy, entitled and self-absorbed, amirite? Well, we’re here to remind you – we’re rocking our bad rep just like every generation that came before us (lookin’ at you Baby Boomers and Gen Xers). Kendall and Jessica are here to bridge the Generation Gap and remind you that there’s more that unites us than divides us. Let us be your guides into the crazy lives of your kids and grandkids. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday!

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