Craigslist Ad Asks Users If “Anybody Need a Grandma for Christmas”

Oh man, be still my heart. Is anybody looking for a Grandma this holiday season? Because if so, look no more, I have the perfect one for you. For many, the holidays mean spending as much time you can with your loved ones. But for some, unfortunately, it can be a very lonely season.

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While Carson Carlock was searching on Craigslists for an item, he saw a post that caught this eye and touched his heart. The Craigslist post title asked: “Anybody need a grandma for Christmas?” Then it continued, “I cook, and I’ll cook dinner. I’ll even bring gifts for the kids. I just don’t want to be alone because it hurts.”

Wait, but that’s not all, the post ended with “Let me be a part of your family.” Cue the tears, the heartbreak, and everything in between. Apparently, it also tore Carlock’s heart because it reminded him of his mother who died last year and spent her last Christmas alone. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and was too sick to travel home for the holidays.

Grandma Carrie

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When he saw the Craigslist ad, he decided he wanted to honor the memory of his late mother. He stated, “She would want me to be the kind of person to do this for other people.” Unfortunately, the post received quite a few negative comments. He noticed that a lot of people started sending her hateful messages.

That’s when the poor grandmother decided to delete the ad, but not before she issued a parting shot, thanking everyone for the “extra shot of pain.” That’s when the man decided to act since he didn’t want her to feel sad. So, he created his own Craigslist ad asking the grandmother to reach out so he could help her to have a wonderful and memorable Christmas.

The post immediately went viral and was shared all over Twitter and Facebook. The post stated, “I just want you to know that you aren’t alone. If you find yourself wanting to be a part of a family on Christmas, just reach out.” So, she did. Now, Grandma Carrie, named by Carlock, has someone to enjoy the holidays with.

Carson Daniel Carlock on Facebook

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Through Facebook, he stated, “Carrie is the most loving and sweet person, I wish I could share with you more about her but she has asked to keep it private. She is so wonderful and I will be seeing her Christmas Day. Thank you guys so much for your support and love. Merry Christmas guys!”

Ah, what a wonderful Christmas present, the power of social media is amazing. Holiday cheer for everyone!

Editors Note: This article was originally published on December 18, 2019.

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