He knew he’d have to be the highest bidder to win her love

While Walter Geer was flipping through Jezebel, an Atlanta-based magazine, in 2011, one article in particular caught his eye. Jezebel had just announced the annual 20 Most Eligible list. The men and women mentioned in this article were intelligent, successful, attractive and driven. The fact that they made it on the top 20 list was no surprise.

Walt continued to read the article, but was stopped in his tracks when he came across Sarah. He was so taken aback by her beauty that he actually showed the article to one of his coworkers.

The stars aligned right in that moment, because the coworker knew Sarah! Sarah explained that shortly after, she received a Facebook message from her old friend:

“I grew up dancing with Walt’s co-worker! When she messaged me and told me that Walt thought I was cute and that he wanted to meet me, I invited him to the charity auction that I was taking part in. All of the ‘most eligibles’ were being auctioned off on dates. All of the money raised was going to be donated to the Shepherd Spinal Center.”

When Walt arrived at the charity auction, he knew he wasn’t leaving without a date with Sarah. His determination (and wallet) paid off. He was the highest bidder, but this first date didn’t lead to a smoothing-sailing relationship.

Walt explained that although he and Sarah were never at a loss for words throughout their countless conversations, the timing just wasn’t right:

“I was recently divorced, I had two teenage children and I was living right outside of Atlanta, all of which were not appealing to Sarah at the time. We both had a lot of emotional baggage and hurt, and neither of us were willing to open up and be vulnerable with one another. We date superficially for seven or eight months before it got to the point that if we wanted to really make this work, we were going to have to do something differently. This is when Sarah brought up sitting down with a counselor.”


Walt was dumbfounded at the thought of going to relationship counselor for dating, but the more Sarah explained her reasoning, the more Walt realized she was absolutely right:

“Walt and I were not able to communicate with each other and we needed help. All we needed were a few more tools in our communication toolbox. We both had baggage and we came to the realization that we were both just really bad at relationships. Walt had gone through a divorce and I had been single up until I was 31. There were reasons we couldn’t hold down a stable relationship, and we weren’t ashamed to ask for help. Most people go to counseling when everything has fallen apart. I didn’t want to wait until we were broken. The counseling for dating may have sounded silly at first, but it was just what we needed.”

After the couple had the communication tools they were in need of, they knew they could work through whatever future challenges that they would face. One of those challenges for Walt was how he was supposed blend his two worlds — his two daughters and Sarah:

“After my divorce, one of my good friends told me to never introduce anyone to my girls until I knew they were the one. I really took that advice to heart, and I was very careful to be respectful and understanding of my daughters’ feelings. They are the most important people in my life, and I never wanted them to doubt that. And Sarah was very understanding to it all. She knew that the girls needed to come first, and so we waited about a year and a half before I ever introduced them to each other.”

When Walt and Sarah blended their family, they did so slowly and respectfully. They took their time and they never rushed anything. Because of this, when the time came for Walt to propose to Sarah, the girls wanted to be as involved as possible:

“The girls absolutely love Sarah, and they wanted to be a part of the proposal. Sarah had been wanting to go to Disney World for years, so we decided that I should propose in front of Cinderella’s castle. One of the girls was holding the ring and the other was recording video on their phone. Sarah was so surprised, and after, we had a big group hug. It was truly such a special moment.”




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