Some Men are Drinking Breastmilk for Post-Workout Protein

The dudes who chug breastmilk after working out call it liquid gold, which is fitting, because if every single person who lifts regularly has anything in common it’s that they value protein like it’s going to be the only currency that matters after society collapses. (And if the post-apocalyptic world is a gladiatorial wasteland where one must prove themselves in Thunderdome, they’re right.)

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Breastmilk is, apparently, a super drink. It’s packed with ‘teen, boosts the immune system, and helps digestive health from your stomach all the down to your sphincter. It really might be all these people crack it up to be according to Fatherly.

Reaching an anabolic state, where the muscle is actively being repaired and built, is the holy grail of bodybuilding — hence the popularity of anabolic steroids. Human colostrum does contain a growth hormone thought to help muscle recovery. More importantly, it contains human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), which is the gold in “liquid gold.”

Some people get breastmilk from their partners when their nursing the couple’s children, but most people who lift aren’t a new dad, so where do they get their boob juice fix? The internet, of course. The website Only the Breast has a section called “Willing to Sell to Men” and they do not differentiate whether the breast milk is used to get swole or get… off. (A paycheck is a paycheck.)

There’s a fair amount of dudes who get turned on by breastmilk as well, apparently. Which… fine. Whatever. No kink-shaming here. Maybe a raised eyebrow, but who the hell am I?

The actual science on whether breast milk helps get you, medically speaking, “yolked AF” is pretty inconclusive but when has a lack of hard evidence ever stopped anyone? Chug away, bros. Don’t let some squid twink infant hog all that liquid gold.

This story was originally published June 6, 2019.

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