Drink up — this hot beverage is better than cough medicine for curing what ails you Flickr / loscheiner
(Flickr / loscheiner)

Flu season is absolute misery for those of us who are prone to illness, and it’s hard to resist the urge to pop cold and cough medicine like it’s candy.

On the heels of the revelation that chocolate may be the perfect cure for a cough (really!) comes news that a hot toddy is more effective at soothing a cold than many over-the-counter medications. It begs the question — why didn’t we know this sooner?

According to Delish, the main ingredients in a hot toddy — namely alcohol, honey, and hot water — all play key roles in making us feel better. Steam from the hot water opens up our sinuses. Honey feels good on sore throats. And, of course, booze helps us sleep!

So if you’re feeling under the weather this winter (or any time), whip up a hot alcoholic beverage to give yourself a little relief. And don’t forget the steps you can take to kick the common cold in just five days!

(H/T: Delish)

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