Man’s Leg Amputated After Contracting Flesh Eating Bacteria at Beach in Connecticut

A Connecticut man had to have his leg amputated after contracting flesh-eating bacteria at Hammonasset Beach State Park, according to local news outlets. Bruce Kagan, 68, was swimming at the Hammonasset beach near the end of June and assumed everything was normal. A few days later his leg was rotting off thanks to the necrotizing fasciitis bacteria he contracted.

Kagan believes he contracted the bacteria thanks to a cut on his leg. Doctors performed several surgeries before ultimately having to amputate his leg above the knee because they couldn’t stop the spread of the bacteria.

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Videos by Rare

Though contracting necrotizing fasciitis is both random and rare — and usually only found in those with weaker immune systems or liver disease — cases have increased over the last decade. Most cases also involve the person who contracted the bacteria going swimming in an ocean with a cut on their body.

So the main lesson here is do not haphazardly groom your bikini area and then go frolicking into the waves without a care in the world. There’s clearly no coming back from that. It’s unnerving that these bacterial infections have been increasing in frequency over the last decade. People lose limbs and even life thanks to necrotizing fasciitis bacteria.

It’s worth wondering whether or not this is a climate change thing. Are the oceans getting warmer causing all the tiny little fasciitis to bacterially bone more than usual, thus putting more microscopic flesh-eating monsters in the ocean, just waiting to feast on our young, old, and alcoholic? What other horrible things await us? The soupier the seas get the more likely we are to have more weird stuff like this. Life’s grossest and most terrifying creations don’t live in moderate to cool climates. You never see someone dressed in L.L. Bean’s latest fall offerings getting offed by a spider packed with enough poison to kill an elephant. It’s always in the warm and/or wet places that mother nature is hiding her worst creations.

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