Kathy Griffin Asks Fans To Interpret Cancer Scans After Doctor ‘Ghosts’ Her

Kathy Griffin just used Instagram to try to help her interpret her cancer scans. Why? Because apparently, her doctor completely ghosted her. He sent her a report after she had half of her lung removed and never explained the report to her.

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“OK, I know this is crazy but I cannot get an oncologist on the phone and the surgeon who did my half of lung removal has ghosted me,” wrote Kathy Griffin. “This is what it’s come to people! I’m putting my scan results on Instagram in hopes that somebody will put it under an oncologist’s nose and send me some sort of interpretation in English of what’s going on with my post operation situation! Social media can be used for good, dammit!”

Griffin had just had a lung tumor removed after it grew unnoticed for ten years. This all came after an announcement just over a year ago, when she told the public that they’d discovered the cancer.

“I’ve got to tell you something, “ she announced on Twitter. “I’m about to go into surgery to have half of my left lung removed. Yes, I have lung cancer even though I’ve never smoked! The doctors are very optimistic as it is stage one and contained to my left lung. Hopefully no chemo or radiation after this… It’s been a helluva 4 years, trying to get back to work, making you guys laugh and entertaining you, but I’m gonna be just fine. Of course I am fully vaccinated for Covid. The consequences for being unvaccinated would have been even more serious. Please stay up to date on your medical check ups. It’ll save your life.”

Imagine Being Ghosted By Your Doctor When You’re Battling Cancer

Griffin then got surgery and, when she needed to know how her cancer was doing, was ghosted. It seems that she didn’t understand the medical jargon used in the report, which should have been interpreted to her. Hence, she needed to post her very personal medical records on the internet to see if anyone out there could help her.

What the H*&%?

Luckily, there are good people out there who came to the rescue. The Instagram post was flooded with positive responses, helping the comedian out.

“I’m a cancer survivor (YEAH!) and in my experience reading hundreds of scan results, etc., it appears there is no evidence of disease at this time.”

“Focus on ‘without recurrence or metastasis’ It’s good news (from this old nurse lol).”

Kathy Giffin’s Results Seemed Okay But There Were Still Other Red Flags

“Hey Kathy im a nurse not a radiologist but the results are good, just a little inflammation and a tiny bit of fluid in ur throat and sinuses (not unusual for urself) some cysts but they aren’t new… but everything else is relatively normal for what u have been thru.”

“Reads like good news to this layperson. Ask your doctor about the mild thickening of the esophagus. Women in my family have had benign esophageal strictures that needed treatment as they aged. Also ask if you need to be watchful for signs of Barrett’s esophagus. My husband had esophageal cancer, so I’m tuned into that area of the body. Love you, Kathy!”

Here’s a friendly reminder to follow Kathy Griffin’s advice and get regular check ups. And hopefully none of you out there ever get ghosted by your doctor when you’re concerned about a life-threatening cancer removal.

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  1. Looks to me like they say Go meet your MAKER. I severed head of a sitting President is WRONG. I think your scans say you died 3 years ago. Get a plot

  2. You can stop the cancer from spreading by cutting your head off and holding your bloody head to show the whole world… believe me.. cancer will stop spreading immediately… just kidding we all know if you cut your head off no way you could hold it up..

  3. Kathy….no one should be treated so carelessly. I hope it all goes good and that you have plenty of help. I’m a Christian conservative. I hope you turn to God for healing body mind and soul. Love Cheryl

  4. All I can say WOW you people are cruel. Just hope that you never get cancer and if you do just hope people don’t respond in your words.

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