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A popular New Year’s resolution is to work out more. If it’s too cold outside or you are short on time to go somewhere to work out, a good workout can still be had in the comfort of your home.

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Use stairs or chair

With stairs or a chair, you can do arm dips, various leg workouts including the stair stepper, modified planks, sit-ups and abs. Real Simple features a 15-minute workout that will engage many parts of your body. Engage your abs with this chair workout from wikiHOW and PopSugar gives a chair workout based on the now-popular barre workout.

Wall squats

Similar to using stairs or a chair,  lean against a wall while you squat to engage your core and legs. Increase your time or do these three variations featured in Sunwarrior News for more of a challenge.

Lift with household items

Want to work weights into your workout? Grab items you have around the house. Do basic weight moves with canned goods, or for a more intense workout, grab the laundry detergent and do these four kettlebell workouts from Health.

Bodyweight workouts

Bodyweight exercises—those not needing any equipment but instead use your body’s weight as resistance—can be done anywhere there is enough open space. Greatest features 50 bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere, broken down by part of the body being worked.

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