Abominable Video Shows Doctor Tackling HUGE Fungal Toenails That Can Probably Reach Your Soul

JUST LOOK AT THIS MONSTER. Why? Why would you wait so long to actually do something about this monstrosity?! I’m serious. Just look at the state of this poor foot, it’s more than disgusting. It’s abdominal and it makes me want to throw up every time I look at it. I’m sure you do, and I’m so so sorry about that. But just LOOK at those thick nails, this is your warning. Go get that pedicure right now, no one has time for overgrown toenails!

Podiatrist Dr. Binh Nguyen, of Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa Florida, uploaded a whopping 10-minute video to his YouTube channel, trying to clip his patient’s extremely distorted toenails, that had grown more than the regular inches in length. Calling it an “unfortunate circumstance,” he doesn’t identify the patient or show her face but points out that the woman’s toenails hadn’t been cut in over a year. So yeah, this woman skipped through athlete’s foot and went straight to a fungal nail infection.

Tugging at her big toe, he then asks is she had been off them for a while, to which she responds that she can’t really lean down, giving you a clue as to why her toenails had grown so out of control. The woman’s clearly covered in layers of dry flaky skin, showing Nguyen picking off the fungal infection piece by piece. Dr. Nguyen said he was working to get her nails down to a reasonable length so that she would put on socks and wear some comfortable shoes.

The podiatrist measured the longest nail, which came just at 4 cm, reassuring the woman had come to the right place since she clearly had a toenail infection. Over the course of 20 minutes, there he was, being a brave doctor just chopping away everything he could.

He reportedly did the cutting as a courtesy for the patient and happened to have some nail clippers at hand, so he decided to take care of her feet. I mean, I get that, but this foot doctor deserves to win the lottery or something. Because no, this is just too much. I’m sorry, if you know your feet are this bad, the least you can do is call someone over to help you cut them. Also, how do people voluntarily watch this?

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