Brandi Mallory is a makeup artist and exercise instructor based in Atlanta. She uses her passion and skill to make clients look and feel their best.

Through Dance Your Pounds Off, she works out to high energy music along with a group of motivated individuals. The rest of her time is spent with her first love: makeup.  Whether her client is notable talent or just someone getting their makeup done for a special event, she helps everyone put their best foot forward.

Mallory exudes a sense of self-confidence and love for others that makes her connection with clients magnetic. However, she has had a very humbling journey.

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Five years ago, Mallory weighed more than 400 pounds. She had low self-esteem and was trying to figure out how to love herself and impact her community. It wasn’t until her sorority sister passed away at 29 that she realized it was time to make a change to her life, and she made it in a big way.

One day, while working with a client, Mallory received an email that would change her life forever. She had been cast on ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss.”

After a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, Mallory lost more than 178 pounds, and gained a passion for fitness and health. She credits a big portion of her success to Chris Powell, the program’s trainer, and learning the importance of portion control. She does not believe in giving up foods, but rather not over-indulging.

“There’s no such thing as giving anything up. When you give something up, you deprive yourself of something mentally. You’re sending endorphins to your brain and, for some reason, you want to indulge in it more.”

It wasn’t long before she made the decision to share her knowledge and passion with others. She connected with Dwight Holt Jr, founder of “Dance Your Pounds Off,” became an instructor, and the rest was history.

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The class is filled with diverse ages, genders and interests. They all have a desire to dance off whatever is stressing them out, whether it is excess weight, stress, insecurities, and so on. The community of the class helps the group, but it also has helped Mallory with her trust issues and problems of her own.

In August 2017, Mallory suffered a miscarriage. She recalled the day she returned to class after being absent due to her heartbreak, and how supportive the group was.

“As soon as I was done everybody came and gave me a hug, and that let me know the energy I brought to class, people missed it.”

Mallory’s journey has not been easy, but it has prepared her to be a great support system for her clients. Recently, clips of her dancing went viral.

She is no longer that woman with low-self esteem. Mallory now proudly wears a sport bra with no shirt during fitness classes, which has encouraged other women of all sizes to do the same.

Her classes are held every Monday and Tuesday at 7 p.m. at 555 Whitehall Street SW in Atlanta. Connect with Brandi on social media @BrandiMallory.

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