Using the terms psychopath and sociopath interchangeably is incorrect. These two mental conditions have very similar characteristics, but still greatly differ from one another.

Psychopaths do not have a conscience, while sociopaths do, even if it’s very weak.

Individuals with these conditions are unable to understand empathy, which makes their crimes even more chilling.

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Psychopaths’ motives are solely based around manipulation. These individuals can be intelligent and charming, and can come off mentally stable. They learn to mimic how “normal” citizens function in public, ultimately keeping their true identities hidden.

Sociopaths are less calculated in their actions. These individuals are easily angered and quick to make rash decisions.

Surprisingly, sociopaths can create loose bonds with people they know well, like family members. Psychopaths cannot, and have no desire to create bonds or relationship with anyone.

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