Summer is the perfect time to indulge in a big cone full of soft serve.

But this scary news may make you reconsider your favorite warm weather treat.

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Here are some ways soft serve may be bad for you.

1. Don’t give it to babies!

Sometimes, soft serve has listeria, which has been in the news lately. Listeria can cause fatal infections in babies and young children.

2. It can upset your stomach.

That’s because it contains a type of sugar that is difficult to digest.

3. It contains carrageenan.

This thickening agent, which is derived from red seaweed, can also be damaging to your health.

4. And it has those dreaded trans fats.

Soft serve’s mono and diglycerides can lead to heart disease.

5. It has harmful sodium phosphate.

An excess level of this isn’t good for your bloodstream.

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