Her bad hip prevented her from going to the beach for the Fourth of July, until she received a wonderful surprise Reddit / masterfoo
(Reddit / masterfoo)

After learning that a bad hip would prevent his mother-in-law from enjoying the beach with her family on the Fourth of July, one Reddit user put his DIY skills to the test.

Redditor masterfoo knows a good beach wheelchair retails for more than $1,000. So he accepted the challenge of making one.

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He glued PVC pipes together to form the skeleton of the chair, then fashioned a seat from a large canvas. He even included cup holders, a platform for a cooler, and an umbrella to keep his mother-in-law in the shade. Best of all, the entire project only cost $140!

Masterfoo posted pictures chronicling the process to Imgur.

We think his mother-in-law will be pleased with the results — and so grateful for her daughter’s wonderful husband!

(Reddit / masterfoo)
(Reddit / masterfoo)

(H/T: Reddit)

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