She used to yell, but now this mom has a healthier way of dealing with squabbling kids

As a mom, how do you deal with the constant noise?

I used to yell. For the longest time, I yelled at my kids to be quiet. Then, I realized that trying to fight yelling with yelling wasn’t working.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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Now, I just take a long, deep breath and remind myself that:

  1. Nobody’s dying.
  2. Nobody’s hurt.
  3. It’s just noise.

And sometimes, I take five minutes to myself. And I hide. I hide in the bathroom until I’m ready to confront the situation.

Then, I come out, and I say to my kids, “Mommy’s feeling frustrated right now, and she is about to get angry, and she doesn’t know why. I think it might be the loud noises are irritating me.”

That teaches the kids to communicate and express emotions in a healthy way. It also gives me a chance to express my insanity. Because all moms are insane in one way or another.

But I used to be a yelling maniac, and now I’m not.

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