Clean Your Car’s Cloudy Headlights Yourself for Only a Couple Bucks, Thanks to One Secret Ingredient

If you’re driving around with cloudy headlights, you can easily clean them at home with supplies you already have.

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Yellowing headlights can make your entire car look older. Lucky for you, we’ve found a simple hack that cleans off all the gunk, making them clear again.

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The magic ingredient is toothpaste. That’s right, the same baking soda that whitens your teeth will help to scrub your headlights clean.

As YouTuber ChrisFix says in the video, make sure the toothpaste has a little texture to it — that means it contains baking soda. If it doesn’t, simply mix some in before you get started.

Watch to see the transformation after just a couple minutes of scrubbing.

This post was originally published on November 6, 2017.

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