If you fall through the ice on a frozen lake, don’t panic — do this Business Insider
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It’s one of the scariest things that can happen in wintertime — falling through the ice on a frozen body of water.

If this happens to you (and we sincerely hope it never does!), take a deep breath and remember these survival tips from Business Insider.

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Be still: Don’t thrash. Try your best to keep calm and focus on your breathing.

Stay dressed: Your clothes, however heavy, won’t weigh you down much. In fact, they can trap pockets of air that keep you at the water’s surface.

Turn around: The ice is likely stronger in the area where you fell in.

Heave-ho! Place both hands on the ice, and kick your legs until your body is horizontal at the water’s surface. Then, pull yourself up on your elbows and slide your body onto the ice until you’re lying flat. Roll to safety, then get to a warm, dry place right away!

Remember, it takes 10 minutes in freezing water for your muscles to become too cold to function, so it’s best to pull yourself out as soon as possible!

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