Indiana Officer Helps 12-Year-Old Boy Run His Lemonade Stand

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Videos by Rare

“I trust cops,” is a refreshing thing to hear nowadays, especially from a young boy. 12-year-old Jaelynn Wilson and his younger 4-year-old brother were just wanting to take on more adult roles in the house seeing their mom working. So the two boys started a lemonade stand in their neighborhood in South Bend, Indiana.

The 12-year-old boy told Fox News, “I saw my mom working and then I thought, ‘I’m about to turn 12 and so I kind of want to step up my game.’ So I started selling lemonade and cookies and then it evolved all the way to lemonade, cookies and punch.”

After a few weeks of selling lemonade, cookies, and punch, South Bend Police Officer Ron Glon showed up on a Sunday Afternoon and offered his help. Not only did the Indiana police officer helping wait for the customers, but he also promised to match 100% of their proceeds. He told Jaelynn’s grandmother, “Me and Jaeylnn are going to be waiting on people, collecting money, serving drinks, and I’m going to match 100 percent of what we take in.”

WNDU-TV reported that she responded with, “I’m out of words, I’m out of words. It’s crazy.”

Jaelynn explained that when Officer Glon came out to help, he gave Jaelynn a football and his younger brother a basketball and also made a sign for their lemonade stand. He continued saying how Officer Glon, “stayed out almost the whole day just helping,” them and how “he really helped.”

Jaelynn’s mom had her reservations in wondering if Officer Glon had good intentions, in light of the latest news. In response to her, the Indiana officer also commented on the protests and riots that have been happening all over the United States in response to the death of George Floyd, “I told her to make sure that her two sons know they had nothing to be scared of, don’t be frightened, no concerns whatsoever when you are dealing with a South Bend police officer or an officer in St. Joseph County. I still think we’re the finest police department in the country.”

And Jaelynn had more than plenty to say about how he feels about police officers, “I’ve never been scared” or “frightened” of police officers. “I trust cops. I know there are things going on. There are things going around the media and it’s changed the way our world kind of is today and I understand that they have to look at that and they have to be able to change that in a different way. But I’ve never been scared, I’ve never been frightened. I’ve always actually loved cops.”

What a wonderful, refreshing perspective on police officers. Kind actions or kind gestures as simple as helping a 12-year-old boy run his lemonade stand can have ripple effects, just as effective as tragic events. The South Bend community is lucky to have a police officer like Officer Ron Glon.

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