Influencer Says She Spent $37K On Her ‘Revenge Body’ After Her Boyfriend Dumped Her

A professional photographer from Wales decided to give herself a $37,000 glow-up after being left by her boyfriend of 15 years.

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Following the pain of her breakup, Clarke explained to Truly (via the New York Post) that she wanted to “reinvent” herself, saying, “I just felt I needed to do something. I decided impulsively to have surgery.”

She continued, “Having surgery has given me a lot of confidence. I was a completely different person with a different look.”

Stacey Clarke Says Ex-Boyfriend Left Her Before Wedding

Stacey Clarke, who shares two kids with her ex, said that she’d been in the same long-term relationship since her teens.

“We met when we were 14, and then I had my son when I was 16,” the 33-year-old said. “I had my second son then when I was 18.”

Clarke’s boyfriend unexpectedly ended things six months before their wedding and immediately began dating another woman. The mom of two was not only shocked, but hurt.

“It was difficult that my relationship ended six months before my own wedding,” she said. “I did actually have to photograph a wedding at the same venue as my own. It was very hard.”

Stacey Clarke Feels Sexier Than Ever After Surgery

The influencer underwent $37,000 worth of surgery in order to attain her current look. Among the procedures she listed were a boob job, a butt lift, liposuction, and a vaginoplasty. She also made a few alterations above the neck with a facelift, lip and eye lifts, and a hair transplant.

“I feel sexier than I’ve ever been,” Clarke said of her updated appearance. She said that her previous look was “relaxed, comfortable, or very natural,” and that she very rarely did anything outside her “comfort zone.” Now, she describes herself as “very glamorous.”

However, not everyone is happy with her appearance. The social media star has received plenty of backlash from commenters for going under the knife. Still, she doesn’t regret her decisions.

“If somebody was thinking about having surgery after going through a difficult time, I would definitely say go ahead with it,” she concluded. “If somebody didn’t like my body transformation, I would say do what you want. I don’t judge people for bad decisions. Life is good.”

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