It was a shot in the dark — but now, these two go together like guns and ammo

If you have ever tried internet dating, you know the struggle. Even if you got lucky and found the love of your life in person, you still have probably heard of some of the outrageous messages that people receive while looking for a partner online.

Online dating is a mixture of filtering out the potential serial killers and still trying to keep your spirits high, in hopes that your soulmate is out there. To be successful in online dating you have to be extremely patient. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll have to go through a few duds before you meet someone worthy of a first date. And all it takes is one good first date to get your love story rolling toward your very own happily ever after.

Craig Walker had to go through his share of crazy girls before he came across his now wife, Angie:

“It had been almost five years since I had been in a relationship, and even that relationship wasn’t very serious. I decided to try online dating with the intention of finding someone that I could call my best friend, someone who I could start a really healthy relationship with. I was pretty skeptical in the beginning, and I had to block a few crazy girls along the way, but it was all worth it.”

Angie wasn’t having much luck with her online dating profile and was about the delete her account, when a cute, funny guy messaged her:

“The whole online dating thing was so frustrating. I was trying to be patient, but I just wasn’t attracting quality guys. I was literally about to delete my online profile, when I received a really sweet message from a very handsome guy. I figured I would message him back, not thinking it would turn into anything. I never would have thought that Craig would eventually become my husband.”


Together, this couple enjoys spending their free time in the great outdoors — fishing, camping, hunting and hiking. Their desire to experience the wilderness is initially what reeled them to one another. When Craig saw that Angie’s profile picture was of her holding a fish on her parents’ dock, he knew he had found a perfect catch.

“Her profile picture is what initially caught my eye. She was a really pretty girl, fishing on a dock. I mean, what else could you ask for? It was easy to talk to her knowing we already had so much in common.”

Angie explained that she is eternally grateful that Craig took a leap of faith and messaged her, and she hopes that their story inspires others who are experimenting with online dating.

“People always say that you can just meet someone at work, but that isn’t always the case. And if you can’t meet someone at work, and you also live in an area with virtually no nightlife, then it’s even harder to meet someone. You have to be patient with online dating, and you just have to remember that for every dud you come across, there is a nice guy who is hoping to meet a quality girl. Be patient and don’t get discouraged. Don’t lower your standards, and you will eventually attract someone who has the same interests and values as you.”

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