It’s almost too painful to watch this girl carve this pumpkin

I now understand why my parents weren’t interested in me carving pumpkins.

It’s hard. It’s a mess. It’s time consuming.

Yes, they are cute and adorable. Though it comes at a grave cost.

Of all of the ways to entertain a child during the Halloween season, this way is one of the most strenuous.

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But I had to try it, and, boy, do I feel the stress and exhaustion.

Mom and dad, I’m sorry I was bitter about never having carved a pumpkin. At 23 years old, I defied your wishes. Though, with age comes wisdom.

Now, I’ll pass along the tradition to try to avoid carving pumpkins with my someday children.

Kendall Trammell is a writer for Rare. Follow her on Twitter @KendallTrammell.
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