It’s never too late to further your education

It is never too late in life to further your education. Ludmila Hreiscevva has proven this statement to be true.

Ludmila, or Mila, is originally from the small Eastern European country of Moldova. A widow of eight years, Mila was ready for a significant life change. In 2015, she made the decision to move to the U.S with her eldest daughter.

Previously, Mila work as a pediatrician, but has since retired to enjoy the hobbies that she enjoys most, surrounded by her loved ones.

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When Mila arrived in the U.S., she knew absolutely no English. This independent, professional, social woman found herself relying on others to communicate, and she knew this was not the life she wanted to live.

Taking control of her life, Mila started taking ESOL classes at Literacy Action. Literacy Action is an Atlanta-based tutoring center that helps adults further their education, no matter their age or previous education level.

Mila is proud of her decision to go back to school as an adult:

“I wanted to learn English so I could communicate with others. I am very social and I wanted to be independent. I wanted to feel free. I have been learning English for the last two years and I just want to keep learning!”

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