Jennifer Aniston Shares Video of Foot Spray Tan Gone Wrong

Given that the actor spawned an entire “hair-volution,” she can get as much leeway as she wants with her feet.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Well, it’s a good thing Jennifer Aniston didn’t get a spray tan before going on that picture-perfect summer getaway with Jason Bateman and his wife.

It turns out she doesn’t always have the best of luck with them.

Props to Jennifer Aniston for publishing an embarrassing video of herself on Instagram. In it, someone — presumably a member of the crew working The Morning Show — scrubs the actor’s feet.

“Note to self: Hands and feet, you must lotion before spray-tanning,” she says in the clip. “Otherwise … you have this situation.”

The camera zooms in to show the worker using soap to remove the nasty yellow substance from Aniston’s feet at toes.”

“This is what love is,” Aniston deadpans, before whoever’s holding the camera says, “OK, that’s enough.”

Hey, coulda been worse: It doesn’t look like she has corns, bunions, athlete’s foot, or claw toe. Beyond that, Jennifer Aniston’s hair is so enviable — having spawned an entire “hair-volution” during her Friends days — that she can get as much leeway as she wants with her feet.

According to Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram feet — oops, we mean feed — she and the rest of the Morning Show team are halfway through shooting Season 3.

About two months ago, co-star Reese Witherspoon shared the first glimpses of the show’s set, when it was in the early stages of production.

Jennifer Aniston had previously said the show would start shooting in September, but cameras actually began rolling in August, according to The Cut.

The new season will also feature Jon Hamm and comedian Tig Notaro, Deadline reported in August, 

The Morning Show airs on Apple+.

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