Joe Rogan Weighs in on ‘Goofy’ Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light Backlash

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Ever the contrarian, Joe Rogan has surprised us all by coming out in support of Bud Light. While many continue to boycott the brand due to their partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, the podcaster claimed that these beer drinkers needed to re-evaluate their priorities.

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On an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the former Fear Factor host and his guest, comedian Sam Tallent, gave their opinions on the controversy.

“What they’re doing is just spreading the brand to an extra group of people,” Rogan said of Bud Light. “Why, if something is good, do you give a f–k who’s got it?”

He added, “Like, would we do this with cheesecake? Like, you know what I’m saying? Like, if there was like a bomb a-s cheesecake and all of a sudden, you know, some radical group like Antifa really got into the cheesecake. Would we be like, ‘f–k this?'”

Joe Rogan Drinks Bud Light Regardless of Controversy

According to the New York Post, Anheuser-Busch has seen at least a $5 billion decline in value since Dylan Mulvaney promoted Bud Light on Instagram.

Rogan claimed that there were far more important things to be outraged about than the influencer, who he called “goofy.”

“They’re freaking out about Bud Light. How is that the big deal?” he said, adding, “It was also just a can with that person’s face on it. That’s all it was. It wasn’t like something they were selling.”

Meanwhile, Tallent pointed out that some of the boycotters seemed to be demonstrating a double standard.

“I think that it’s crazy when people get upset about that stuff because the people who get upset about this stuff value liberty and freedom so much and they want to live their lives undeterred by anyone’s rules,” he stated.

The comedian also noted, “Look at us. We’re on the biggest platform in the world discussing Bud Light for like ten minutes.”

Of Mulvaney and her many recent sponsorships, Tallent said: “She’s pretty. I get it.”

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  1. Yeah anything that antifa is for I’m against. I’m an American and I know the differences between right and wrong unlike Rogan I can do without him just like I don’t need Budweiser

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