This Mom’s Safety Hack For Covering Power Outlets Is Genius!


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Videos by Rare

It’s no secret that sometimes, just sometimes, children can be a bit exhausting. Especially when they are under the age of two, the “terrible two’s” are just plain terrible. But, we wouldn’t change them for the world because as exhausting as they are, they’re adorable, and honestly, they are just exploring their surroundings as much as they can. Think about it, they are new to this world. There is so much they don’t know, so it’s normal for them to run around like crazy drunk adults.

So, three cheers for moms who roam around the internet giving out Mom hacks to make our lives easier, like Brittany Kurtz, who I am considering a hero. Having toddlers around the house can be nerve-wracking due to their curiosity. Childproofing is a must when it comes to newborns and those who are barely learning to walk. I admire them for finding everything they can get their hands so fascinating, even if it’s just a toothbrush. But, as easy as grabbing a toothbrush is, they can also put their hands on hazardous items like power outlets. Many toddlers love poking their fingers in them, which can be deadly if electrocuted.

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So, as a parent, how can we protect children from getting electrocuted? Well, you can go ahead and purchase some plastic outlet covers that help protect your child from getting too close, but Brittany came up with a smarter, cheaper, and easier idea to childproof them ourselves. What did she use? Baby wipes, she used baby wipes. She decided to remove the plastic from the front package of her empty baby wipes and placed it on the outlet.

The adhesive on the back of the plastic cover will help adhere the cover to the outlet, letting you open and close the cover as you please. What’s good about this idea is that you can hear the click every time one opens it or closes it.

Obviously, parents were shocked at her finding, sharing her post more than 200 times saying her hack will definitely help them around the house. It’s a smart idea, especially if the outlet is high enough on the wall. But, despite it being a great hack, I will admit that this might not work for children over 1. Why?  Well, usually children over the age of 1 already know how to open the wipe cap after watching their parents do it over and over. So is it safe for all children? Maybe not, but it’s definitely good for toddlers who have yet to learn how to use wipes.

Outlet Plug Cover

So, for those of you with children who are very curious and want to touch everything with their bare hands, you might want to invest in some outlet pugs. You can use the plastic plug cover along with the wipe cap, and boom, you’re set. Two hacks in one, you can never be too safe! Where can you get them? Easy! You can buy a whole 32 pack on Amazon for $9.95! A bargain, for sure!

Thanks for the smart idea Brittany, you’re helping a lot of children and mom’s out there! What do you think about this savvy hack? Will you try it out?

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