Look Up! 2020 Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight!

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Listen, I know it has been a tough few months for us all due to this whole Coronavirus pandemic situation. I get it, I’m at a point where I want to pull my heart out because I just want to hug my family and friends. It’s normal. BUT, just because we’re all stuck inside, means that Mother Nature stops too.

No sir, she keeps on going and being as beautiful as she always is. Which is why she is gifting us with The Lyrid. Yes, the next meteor shower is on its way and will last from late April 21st to April 23rd. Basically, a new Moon means prime view conditions. You can begin to look for the Lyrid Meteor Showers late night on Tuesday, April 21.

According to the Farmers Almanac, in 2020 the “likely peak” is Wednesday early morning on April 22. The sky will be darker than it usually is since it is a New Moon. So, what can we expect to see? Lucky for us, we can see from 10 to 15 shooting stars per hour! Yes, you can get at least 10 wishes out of tonight’s viewing party! Fireballs and streaks of light for the win!

No, this isn’t the biggest meteor shower we have had, but it has been a few months since we’ve had a meteor shower and a new Moon together. Plus, let’s not forget this beautiful spring weather which means it would probably be nice weather to be outdoors. Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain, y’all.

So where can you see the Lyrid shower? Luckily, you can see it from WHEREVER you are on Earth. Yes, you read that right, wherever. Why? Well, we do all see the same clear sky and share one solar system, so yes, naturally we’ll all be able to see it. The best time to watch is between mites and dawn when the sky is at its darkest point. If you happen to miss this one, whether you were busy or you accidentally fell asleep, no worries. Here’s a list of all the meteor showers occurring in 2020!

Thank you, Farmers Almanac!

  • Lyrid: April 22, 2020
  • Eta Aquarid: May 4, 2020
  • Delta Aquarid: July 30, 2020
  • Perseid: August 11-13, 2020
  • Draconid: October 9, 2020
  • Orionid: October 21-22,2020
  • Taurid: November 9, 2020
  • Leonid: November 17-18, 2020
  • Andromedid: November 25-27, 2020
  • Geminid: December 13-14, 2020
  • Ursid: December 22, 2020

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