Man writes sad post about his alarm clock, and people immediately agreed

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Videos by Rare

In one of those rare and magical moments the internet recently agreed on something–we all hate the sound of our alarm clocks in the morning. Like, a lot.

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The community hate for the alarm clock began with Twitter user Shafeeq, who wrote, “The sound of the iPhone alarm clock literally makes me feel sick.” His tweet was retweeted tens of thousands of times.

Pretty soon, people began to ring in with their own opinions, and unsurprisingly, we all had the same feeling.

While we used to all have different alarm clocks, almost everybody today is roused out of sleep by the same device–our phones. And most of us are using iPhones, which means that we can all be irrationally furious with the same high-tech square when it rings us awake.

Just listen to this sound and tell us it’s not the worst thing you’ve ever heard.

And the most dangerous part of the iPhone alarm is the bright orange button labeled “snooze.” It’s almost as if it’s begging you to mash that demand and catch a few more winks before the horror of facing the day ahead sets in.

What do you think?

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