McDonald’s is Bringing Back Their Breakfast Bagels

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Fans of McDonald’s demanded the return of breakfast bagels, and by golly, McDonald’s delivered.

That’s right, the breakfast bagels are back — but for now, it seems they are back only if you live in New England, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Michigan. But fear not, as they could be making their way to a McDonald’s near you before too long.

Even if not, of course, McDonald’s still has plenty of popular breakfast items. Starting with the world-renowned Egg McMuffin, which has never gone away. The pancakes seem to be a smash hit, too.

And so were the bagels, at least while they lasted. Now, it appears, they again could be available for a limited time only.

There are three types of bagels for breakfast, at least at McDonald’s, and all three have made a return. That would be none other than the Steak, Egg & Cheese bagel, the Bacon, Egg & Cheese, and the Sausage, Egg & Cheese.

McDonald’s Bagels are Back!

It’s hard to know why McDonald’s only offers “steak” for breakfast, but that’s just life at the fast-food behemoth. As for the bagels, there’s a sense that, yes, they could be rolled out nationally here soon.

“When McDonald’s dropped the bagel sandwiches as an option, the chain had been working on simplifying its menu as some of its order volume had switched to delivery and takeout,” wrote The Street. “Now that the impact of the pandemic has faded, the chain still has a growing delivery business, but it has become less important to streamline its menu.”

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