A close look at these 7 budget categories will easily help you save tons of cash every month Flickr / Steven Depolo

As summer fades to fall many people will start thinking about how to save extra money for holiday gifts and travel.

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Chelsea Fagan, of the popular blog The Financial Diet, says coming up with extra cash might be easier than you think.

  1. Start with your closet. Don?t buy clothes that wear out after one season. The same goes for accessories that are a temporary fad.
  2. Cut out red meat; it?s more expensive than other sources of protein.
  3. Spending money on alcohol at restaurants is pretty expensive, so make sure if you?re ordering it, you?re doing so because you really want it. This is an easy way to save an extra $8-15 every time you go out to eat. The same goes for fancy coffee shop stops and midday snacks.
  4. Are you using that expensive gym membership? If not, might as well cancel it and save the cash.
  5. If you?re renting, try to remember that you don?t have to live in the hottest neighborhood where the rent is higher just because it?s cool.
  6. If you?re going out with a group of friends, make sure you?re going out with people you actually enjoy spending time with.
  7. Don?t spend money on makeup if you?re not 100 percent sure you love the product and the brand. Try to find samples so you get the same benefits without the expense.
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