At long last, we can shop at a legit dollar store from the comfort of our homes

Everything may be $1 at your neighborhood Dollar Tree, but that isn’t true for its website, where shoppers are often required to buy items by the case. And obviously, a case goes for way more than a buck.

Now, a new online-only dollar store has thrown its hat in the discount retailer ring.

Meet The startup opened for business last year and offers “‘tens of thousands’ of products for sale and adds hundreds of new items daily,” according to Money.

RELATED: The ultimate no-brainer: Everyday items you should be buying at the dollar store isn’t a traditional dollar store in terms of pricing. Almost every item costs between $2 and $5. But the prices are still hard to beat; according to Money,’s hottest selling items — mini pillow pets — cost $2 each, compared to $7 at other stores.

Dollar stores have enjoyed a recent resurgence. In fact, they’re faring so well that they’re projected to outperform Walmart. And they’ve managed to attract well-to-do Millennial shoppers, who aren’t ashamed to stock up on snacks, party supplies and household items at the likes of Dollar General and Dollar Tree.

(H/T: Money)

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