Every tax season, we try to look for as many deductions as possible. But there are some things that should never be claimed, and Daily Finance has listed nine of them.

1. Reimbursed job expenses. If your company pays you back for money you spent on supplies or a business trip, don’t even think about trying to declare those expenses on your taxes.

2. Diets and health club dues. You want to lose weight — that’s great! Unfortunately, the costs of eating better and working out cannot be deducted, unless your diet and exercise plan has been prescribed by a doctor to treat a diagnosed medical condition.

3. Primary telephone landlines. Only a second landline or a cell phone used for work can be declared. However, long-distance calls from a primary line can be claimed if you can prove they were business related.

4. Home improvements. Your house may have desperately needed some repairs, but that doesn’t mean they can be part of your tax return, with one exception. Read more about the energy tax credit.

5. Campaign expenses. Sorry, presidential candidates — if you pay for your own campaign, you can’t deduct those dollars.

6. Commuting costs. The daily grind doesn’t belong anywhere near your taxes. While you can claim costs from business trips, you can’t do the same with your usual commute.

7. Charitable services. Charitable giving can be claimed, but services you give to a charity cannot.

8. Pet care. They may be our children, but they’re (technically) not our dependents. Unless your pet is a service animal, you can’t deduct the cost of taking care of him or her.

9. Attorney’s fees. Legal disputes — divorces, personal injury cases and so on — are usually not tax-deductible for individuals, but they can be for businesses.

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