Personal finance is more important than ever nowadays, but there’s no all-inclusive guide for navigating money matters. Many Americans are uneducated by no fault of their own where financial help and financial assistance are concerned. When you can’t quite grasp what you’re up against, it’s hard to feel hopeful. If this map from Liberty Bank shows us anything, it’s that we are all in this confusing financial maze together.

Comparing to the national search volume average in Google, Liberty Bank compiled all of the personal finance questions Americans asked and broke it down by state and popularity. Unsurprisingly, foreclosures and interest rates top this list, but what’s most shocking are the regional trends you can easily see.

Financial Tops Map States
Liberty Bank

Here’s what each state is specifically interested in:

Alabama: Interest rates

Alaska: Foreclosure

Arizona: Foreclosure

Arkansas: Foreclosure

California: Cash advance

Colorado: Credit union

Connecticut: 401K

Delaware: Debit card

Florida: Interest rates

Georgia: Payday loan

Hawaii: Line of credit

Idaho: Foreclosure

Illinois: Savings account

Indiana: Interest rates

Iowa: Foreclosure

Kansas: Line of credit

Kentucky: Interest rates

Louisiana: Budget planner

Maine: Mortgage calculator

Maryland: Student loans

Massachusetts: 401K

Michigan: Interest rates

Minnesota: Compound interest calculator

Mississippi: Interest rates

Missouri: Foreclosure

Montana: Foreclosure

Nebraska: Interest rates

Nevada: Foreclosure

New Hampshire: Car loan calculator

New Jersey: Debt consolidation

New Mexico: Student loans

New York: Savings account

North Carolina: Credit union

North Dakota: Foreclosure

Ohio: Interest rates

Oklahoma: Foreclosure

Oregon: Foreclosure

Pennsylvania: Mortgage calculator

Rhode Island: Interest rates

South Carolina: Budget planner

South Dakota: Foreclosure

Tennessee: Interest rates

Texas: Budget planner

Utah: Foreclosure

Vermont: Debit card

Virginia: Line of credit

Washington: Foreclosure

West Virginia: Foreclosure

Wisconsin: Credit union

Wyoming: Foreclosure

Student loans averaged about 2.4 million searches around the country, though Maryland and New Mexico were the only states where student debt topped the charts. Mortgage calculators reigned supreme in Maine and Pennsylvania but on a national level, Liberty Bank reports that it draws about 2.3 million searches.

15 states are most concerned with foreclosure and this trend is spreading across the west. Interest rates have captured the attention of the midwestern region of the country, from Florida to Michigan.

What’s interesting are the lack of questions surrounding childcare, healthcare, or federal government programs for low-income families. One would expect federal programs, like assistance programs and social security, to appear on this list at least once or twice. Liberty Bank compiled the most popular questions into this handy graphic, along with their helpful answers.

Financial Topics Help Liberty Bank
Liberty Bank

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