Shopping addicts can still save money — here are some tested and true methods Flickr / sophiehu2010
(Flickr / sophiehu2010)

Shopping is great, but spending too much money definitely isn’t.

It’s easy to go overboard when shopping, especially when we find a great deal. These tips will help shopping addicts save money.

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Go it alone

If you don’t have a friend alongside encouraging you to “treat yourself,” you’ll be less inclined to overspend.

Forget the plastic

Paying in cash will help you see exactly how much money you spend.

Shop when you’re happy

You’re more likely to spend too much if shopping is your response to feeling mad, upset or hungry.

Timing is everything

Map out a good time for shopping, put start and end times on your retail binge, and stick to them.

Sales aren’t everything

Just because it’s marked down doesn’t mean you have to have it. Only buy things you need.

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