We love the dollar store. It’s the best place to buy so many items we use every day.

But sometimes it’s better to spend a little more — it ensures higher quality and, in certain cases, it’s safer.

Here are some things you should never buy at the dollar store, in addition to the three we’ve already shared.

Batteries: Yes, they’re cheap. But you get what you pay for; the discount store batteries don’t last as long as name-brand ones, and they can be dangerous if they leak. (For what it’s worth, a warehouse club like Costco is the best place to stock up on batteries.)

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Hair and skincare products: Read the ingredients! Caroline Thompson, content marketing specialist at Brad’s Deals, told Kiplinger that “many of these (dollar store) items are filled with chemicals that could be harsh on your skin and dry out your hair. Plus, they may not be allergy-tested.”

Tools: We can probably sum up this entire list with “you get what you pay for.” Dollar store tools are cheap, in both price and quality. And because of this, they may not be safe. Kiplinger recommends waiting until after Father’s Day, then buying discounted tools at retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s or Sears.

Windshield washer fluid: If you live in a cold climate, you need to spend a little more on this product; the cheap stuff isn’t always effective in the winter.

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We also recommend checking a supermarket before heading to the dollar store for canned goods. Yes, they’re $1 at Dollar Tree and its ilk, but they can go for as little as 59¢ at grocery stores. The same goes for chewing gum — buy it at Costco instead, where the price per stick is much lower.

(H/T: Kiplinger)

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