Some quarters produced during these 2 years are worth way more than 25 cents Flickr / Tyler Neyens
(Flickr / Tyler Neyens)

The 1980s were the days of big hair, leg warmers, Reaganomics — and really valuable quarters.

Some Washington quarters produced in 1982 and 1983 are now worth several times their face value, according to Coin Values. Sure, they aren’t nearly as valuable as the dimes worth $2 million, but they’re also far more common.

Their value can be traced back to financial troubles. The United States experienced a recession in the early 1980s, so none of the ’82 and ’83 quarters were offered in the U.S. Mint’s usual uncirculated sets. People who typically purchase rolls and bags of new quarters were also more inclined to spend than save the ones produced in those years. That means few “mint condition” quarters from 1982-83 are available — and the ones that are can fetch a surprising sum.

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Per Coin Values, here is what you can expect to get for some mint condition or lightly circulated 1980s Washington quarters:


  • Extremely Fine/About Uncirculated: $2.50
  • Mint State-63: $5


  • Extremely Fine/About Uncirculated: $2
  • Mint State-63: $4


  • Extremely Fine/About Uncirculated: $6
  • Mint State-63: $25


  • Extremely Fine/About Uncirculated: $4
  • Mint State-63: $7

If you’re really lucky and happen to stumble upon a 1980s quarter in Mint State-68 (impeccable condition), you could take home a small fortune. One such quarter sold at an April 2015 auction for $4,241.75!

(H/T: Coin World)

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