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We go through certain household and beauty supplies at a breakneck pace — and inevitably, we spend a lot of money replenishing our stashes of said items.

So obviously, we should be buying some of those things at the dollar store. Saving tons of money and never running out of the essentials? That’s a plan we can proudly endorse.

Of course, not everything is OK to purchase at your neighborhood Dollar General or Dollar Tree. For example, here are three things that should never be bought for cheap. But for other items, paying just a buck is a total no-brainer.

Here are a few suggestions from Bargain Babe:

Cotton swabs: They’re off-brand, but who cares? They’re just as effective as Q-tips for a fraction of the price.

Gift bags: Wrappings don’t need to be extravagant, so no one will care if your gift to them is delivered in a cheap bag.

Greeting cards: They’re insanely overpriced — unless you buy them at Dollar Tree, where they’ve been sold for as low as two for $1.

Grocery items: You can’t beat $1 for everyday pantry items like beans, candy, canned soups, chips, cookies, juice boxes and even organic soy milk.

Hair elastics: If you have thick hair that’s prone to breaking your no-damage elastics, it’s time to start buying them for less. Paying $1 for something that won’t last beyond a few workouts is a lot better than shelling out twice as much at CVS or Walmart.

Plastic silverware: Our office rarely has enough forks and spoons on hand. Stocking up at the dollar store ensures we’re always ready for the next potluck or birthday celebration.

Socks and underwear: Good cotton basics don’t need to be expensive.

Swiffer pads: Inevitably, they’ll be off-brand, but they’ll still get the job done.

Toothbrushes: You should replace your toothbrush every three months; lucky for you, some high-quality ones (Colgate, anyone?) have been spied on dollar store shelves.

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And for those who want to feel pretty without breaking the bank, follow our cheap-ass guide to looking like a girl for less and head to the discount store. Fashionista found these dollar store beauty treasures:

  • Nail polish for 99¢
  • Lipstick for 99¢
  • Pedicure kits for 99¢ to $1.99
  • Assorted nail supplies for $1.29
  • Revlon hair color for $3.49

What do you always buy at the dollar store?

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