These Sears and Kmart locations are closing in early 2017 Flickr / Holcombe of Hidalgo

It looks like Sears and Kmart will close even more stores in the new year.

According to a Business Insider report, employees got word Tuesday that more than 30 stores will close in early 2017. Most will begin liquidation sales on January 6, with the stores closing in March or April.

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While Sears Holdings has informed employees of the store closings, the company didn’t publicly release a list of the impacted stores. Here are those locations, according to local media reports:

Closing Kmart locations

Closing Sears locations

Sears Holdings has reported sluggish sales at both Sears and Kmart, which has led to speculation that the retailer may go out of business. Company executives have denied those reports.

Mike Timmermann,