Is an Italian fashion designer’s bag an example of high fashion or is it a high-priced homage to IKEA’s iconic shopping totes?

Consumers on Twitter were the first to point out the striking resemblance between Balenciaga’s Arena tote bag and the Scandinavian discount furniture retailer’s shopping bags.

Both bags are extra large, have a similar shape and are blue in color. One big difference is cost: Balenciaga’s bag costs $2,145 from Barneys New York; IKEA’s tote bag costs 99 cents.

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For the record, Balenciaga’s bag is made of “glazed leather,” while IKEA’s is made of recyclable plastic.

Balenciaga hasn’t commented on the issue, but according to CNN, an IKEA spokesperson said the company was flattered by the resemblance between its shopping bags and Balenciaga’s bag, noting, “Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag!”

This designer bag costs $2,145, but it looks just like those 99-cent IKEA shopping bags

Joy Johnston, Cox Media Group National Content Desk