9 things you should never buy at Walmart


It may have some of the lowest prices in town, but not every item is cheapest at Walmart.

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Money Talks News has listed nine things you’d be better off buying elsewhere.

1. Gift cards: Some websites, including Cardpool, sell gift cards for up to 35 percent off. It may not have the same selection as Walmart, but it definitely has lower prices.

2. Entertainment: When it comes to book prices, Amazon regularly beats Walmart. If you’re looking for music, Money Talks News recommends signing up for a streaming service like Spotify Premium or Apple Music, both of which cost less than $10 a month.

3. Toys and games: This is another area where Amazon is the low-price king, sometimes by several dollars.

4. Snack foods: If you’re craving chips, cookies and other cheap snacks, get them from the dollar store.

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5. Organic produce: Believe it or not, Whole Foods beats Walmart here! The grocery chain affectionately dubbed “Whole Paycheck” actually has a much better selection, not to mention better prices on organic fruits and vegetables. Trader Joe’s is another good option for produce.

6. Brand-name diapers: Signing up for Amazon Family gives you a discount on items like diapers, and Amazon beats Walmart’s prices on Pampers anyway.

7. Gift-wrapping items: Buy wrapping paper, ribbons and gift bags at your local dollar store.

8. Party supplies: This is yet another area where the dollar store beats Walmart’s prices.

9. Batteries: They’re half the price at Costco, so skip Walmart and stock up at a warehouse club instead.

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